The Crepe Shack, Snowmass in the New York Times

From the New York Times “Heads Up” - March 2019

Developers hope to keep travelers entertained enough to stay in their own newly expanded ski town rather than head to its nearby, more glamorous rival.

Dining options are still limited at Snowmass, though improving. The Crepe Shack by Mawa’s Kitchen, the third of a mini-chain of restaurants run by Mawa and Daniel McQueen, recently opened next to the base village ice rink, offering hearty crepes that are more like sandwich substitutes than knife-and-fork desserts with fillings like chicken and pesto ($12.95) and a few luxe options including smoked salmon and caviar ($120).

“That’s my American heritage,” said Mawa McQueen, an ebullient native of the Ivory Coast who grew up in France. “I think a crepe is like a taco.”